“k” the Word that will Actually Kill all Conversations

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“k” has become one of the worst things to say to let someone know that you are mad at them. I have used the word as a conversation ender. When someone is texting me that I do not want to talk to or if I am busy with something, I just slide in a “k” to get them to stop talking. The thing about “k” is that there are so many ways to successfully use it in multiple ways.


There is the Classic, “k”, just by itself, plain but hurtful. This way of use “k” is original but very hurtful. I believe that it truly means “Stop talking to me ur annoying me. It can also be used as a lazy way of saying ok, but still.


Then there is the Capitalized “K” this shows that you either have auto capitalize on or you are trying to show them that you took your time to Capitalize your first letter to get the point across.

The Capitalized “K” shows a bit of anger behind the fact that you want someone to stop talking to you. Capitalizing something truly gives off a yelling vibe.


The final and the most horrible “k.” It shows that you didn’t want to put in the time to capitalize the “k” but you also took the time to add a period.

Whenever somebody uses a “k.” to me I instantly feel my heart crumple up and my soul leaves my body. It is truly one of the worst things to ever say to somebody. So use it wisely.


The Rise and Fall of Logan Paul

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I remember watching Logan Paul on Vine, he was a funny, goofy, muscular, guy who could make most kids laugh. Once he started to gain popularity he became one of the most popular people on Vine. He was at the top of the world with his vines, but then all of a sudden Vine was bought and removed from the app store. I personally thought Logan was finished but he and the rest of Vine moved to YouTube and Instagram.

He regained followers and began to climb to the top of the charts again. On YouTube, he started a Daily Vlog channel. I watched this channel and well, I truly enjoyed it. He was loud, funny, and it was cool to see what the life of an up-and-coming Social media star and it was awesome to watch his daily life and adventures. He was on a roll, but slowly lost sight of what his mindset was. His entire career and life flipped upside down on a trip to Japan.

When I first started watching his Japan vlogs, I noticed he was being very Disrespectful to the Locals and Law Enforcement in Japan. He was being too loud and almost racist to the culture. He was running around with rice field hats on, and wearing silk robes, and throwing poke balls at locals. One of the worst things I saw was when he Bought a Raw Fish and a Raw Squid and ran around with them. Once he was “done” with them he just threw them onto the back of someone’s car. I was personally disgusted by his actions, but me being the stupid young kid I was laughed at what he was doing.

The “End” of Logan Paul’s Career was when he went to visit the Suicide Forest or Aokigahara. Logan was walking through the forest wearing an alien hat from toy story when he comes across a suicide victim. I don’t know if it is real but when I watched the video I know what a saw. Instead of doing the right thing and turning off his camera and getting help, he decided to film it and use it as a way to “clickbait” his subscribers to view his video. In a matter of hours the whole world flipped on him, everyone hated Logan Paul, everyone wanted him to know that he had gone too far.

Somehow Logan has managed to recover from this situation and gained a total of 18 million subscribers. I truly do not know what he did to get the world to stop hating him but I cannot support somebody who uses suicide to make and guarantee himself millions of dollars. I’m not sure what he will do for 2019 but hopefully, he changes the way he has been acting and learns how to grow up.


Air Pods: The New Wealth Status

“No, they don’t fall out”. Air Pods are starting to show who is “wealthy” and who is not. I myself have a pair of Air Pods and I love them. They are way better than normal headphones, just because they will never get tangled. They are great for exercising, working, and for secretly listening to music in class. So many jokes about Air Pods are exploding around the internet. They are becoming the perfect way to mock somebody for owning Air Pods or to mock somebody who doesn’t own Air Pods. I get made fun of at school for using them but it doesn’t phase me. Also, everyone has them due to Christmas and they are becoming quite common, sooner or later the meme will die, but right now it is doing just fine.

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2018 Review

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Hey everyone, today I am writing about 2018. 2018 was a great year for meme culture to truly evolve. My generations comedy is truly starting to distance itself from normal comedy. I remember when memes were clever ways of expressing your comedy, or they were just gif fails on the internet. Most of the memes were the troll faces and used to make me laugh, but today’s comedy is quite the opposite. I will be gasping for air by seeing the letter E and hearing an unnecessary amount of bass. A few memes were “Flex Tape”, “Ugandan Knuckles”, “Tired Spongebob”, “E”, “I Don’t Feel So Good”, and more. Last year was amazing and I cannot wait for the memes to come in 2019.

Cody Parkey

Rest in Peace to the Chicago Bears franchise, its fans, and most importantly Cody Parkey. Cody Parkey was a young lad who became a kicker for the Chicago Bears. He had a pretty decent season as a kicker but sadly started to get a name for himself, well… more like a sound. Cody Parkey was becoming quite famous for the signature “ding” his kicks made when they hit the goal post. I feel bad for the guy but come on! You cannot miss a game-winning field goal, during the playoffs, and it makes it worse that he made the first one but then got iced and missed the second. Rest in Peace to Cody Parkey.

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